Tuesday, June 30, 2009

utah arts festival faves

> I love going to the Utah Arts Festival. It was this past weekend in Salt Lake. I get inspired by all the creativity, the talent, and the unique ideas. In past years, I'd collect the business cards of my favorite artists, but then forget what it was they did that impressed me enough to take a card...but this time, I got home, and the next day, I pulled out my little stack of cards, looked up the artists' blogs and web sites, and was able to learn more about them, and see more of their work. I even emailed a few artists to ask questions about specific pieces.
> I have friends who have a similar taste in art, so I pulled a couple of the images off to show them the work I really liked, and it occurred to me, I should share my favorites here too. I hope the artists whose work I'm including see this as a compliment, and a way to share with other people how much I was inspired by their work.
> For reference, web sites and blogs for the above artists:

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