Wednesday, June 10, 2009


> Even before I studied graphic design in college, I had an early love for my initial: the letter M. Maybe it was the pendant necklace I received as a birthday present from a grade school teacher. (Add the study of typography in college, a job in the font development group at WordPerfect in my early see where I'm going with this). 
> Several years ago, I started collecting M's. They used to be hard to find. I looked in antique stores, in little boutiques, online, and wherever I found them, I'd buy them, because I knew I might not find another one.
> Now, letters are everywhere! Pottery Barn carries one or two fonts each year. Craft stores have lots to choose from: painted, plain, chipboard, dimensional, weathered, script, modern, large, small, in a variety of fonts. I'm a little bugged that was once my own little obsession is now a "trend". I have a love/hate relationship with the "initial-everythings" that are all around right now. But even though it feels like cheating, I still have a hard time passing them up. I've got a wall in my studio that's devoted to the wonderful, symmetrical, perfect letter M, and it's full. It hasn't stopped me though. There are additional M's located throughout my studio. I've got an M keychain, M magnets, and some of my clients even call me M, as does my husband (although I kind of think he's teasing me when he does it...).
> So, with an overflow of "M's" surrounding me, one would think it's enough. And to a non-obsessed trend-follower, I supposed it would be. But, when my husband asked me for gift ideas for my upcoming birthday? I got on ebay and found 2 wonderful vintage letter M's. There are never enough M's.

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