Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finding Peace During the Holidays

> I started my holiday promotional gift in the Fall, and it's a good thing! I knew it would take a long time, but I didn't realize just how long. Most were mailed a week before Christmas, which is really late for my "normal", but in all the feedback I got, no one complained about the timing (or about anything else—yay!) 
> Here are several photos of the process of making the wood block perpetual calendars.

> I made 50 of the production-heavy wood block calendars, but that quantity didn't come close to how many people I enjoy send promotions to, so I needed to come up with an alternate. I was so excited when I found a vendor who prints on thin sheets of wood. I designed a business card sized calendar, and placed my order. Everyone got an mGraphicDesign custom calendar, on wood. Happiness! And now that they're finished, peace.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Branding It All

> I just received the printed pieces for some of my holiday promotion recipients. Ever since I got the proof in the mail a couple weeks ago, I was SO excited. They're cards—printed on thin wood. And they look fantastic!
> I'll share pics of the actual pieces soon. (I want the recipients to have them in their hands before they see them here) You'll have to wait a little longer!
> The thing I want to share here is this company's brand. Every email I get, whether it's a sales promotion, or the response from a customer service rep; even down to their packing tape is branded thoroughly. Not just logos all over the place—that's not a brand—but a true extension...what the world would look like if they had created everything in it...the language, the expressions, even the name of the state they're located in. I just love it. This is a company who "gets" what branding is "owl" about.

> And the quality of their products is something else for them to be proud of. Check them out: Night Owl Paper Goods.