Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bridges of New York

> The next batch of selected photos from my New York trip are of bridges. We went on a 3-hour cruise (not to be confused with Gilligan's 3-hour "tour") around the island of Manhattan (I know, I just dated myself). 
> I've always loved and been fascinated by bridges, so I had a lot of fun photographing them as we approached and went under each of them.
> I must note that while I tried to keep track and remember which bridge was which so I could properly label my photos, it didn't take long before I knew there was no hope of that. But I easily consoled myself when the tour guide told us near the end of the trip that we had gone under 20 bridges! 
> I don't have photos of all of 20, but I have a multiples of a few of my favorites—hope you enjoy my photos of these wonderful structures. We especially enjoyed a closer look of the Brooklyn Bridge (the last 3 pics). We took the subway to Brooklyn and walked back to Manhattan across it and took photos as we made our back. What a great walk!

See the little red lighthouse at the base of the bridge in the above two photos?
(sorry, my watermark covers it on one pic). Because it's the subject of a 1942 children's book, a large group of fans were able to keep it from being dismantled by getting it
listed as a New York City Landmark (read more).

This bridge was one of my favorites with the brick and multiple arches,
but I'm bugged it's not better cared for...there's litter, pollution build-up, spilled paint,
graffiti, and junk dumped around it...still, it's an awesome bridge.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Manhattan: Ornate Appeal

> My husband works for PepsiCo, and was recently the recipient of the award they give to their top salespeople (I'm tooting his horn for him). They flew us to NYC and treated us to several days of amazing food, and experiences we'd never have been able to have on our own. It was absolutely wonderful. We stayed for 2 extra days on our own in addition to the days they hosted, and we loved exploring this awesome city.
> I was inspired by so many things, and as I sorted my photos, I decided to categorize them rather than just post everything randomly.
> Following are photos of how much ornamentation there is—everywhere. I love the historic architecture, and between the mix of old and new, it's a visual feast. For once, my husband didn't have to indulge my inner-amateur-photographer completely, because he was taking tons of photos too! [Gotta apologize for the blown-out sky in some of the photos. If I knew more about anything other than the auto feature on my camera I might be able to adjust for a bright but overcast sky...I did admit I'm an amateur, right?]
> Hope you enjoy these. Future posts will include churches, bridges, the 9-11 memorial, and more.

my cute husband Gene (and don't you love the added detail on the exterior of the tunnel?)