Friday, April 9, 2010

project m

> I was contacted by a former co-worker a couple months ago. She was putting together a collaborative of designers who would contribute to a weekly blog. Here's her vision:

"I think there needs to be a bridge between custom and free. The internet is filled to overflowing with downloads and materials. What people need is someone to filter through the items, find the good stuff, and show them HOW to combine it, personalize it, and use it. I think of all the stuff out there as ingredients. I want to put together a group of designers who will act as chefs so to speak- show people how to combine the ingredients to create unique looks."

> And now, just over a month later, I've just posted my first project and "recipe" on our blog. I think she's got a great idea and I'm excited to be part of this group of talented designers.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

print my web site promotion?

> It's good to be exposed to lots of creativity and good ideas, so I subscribe to lots of e-newsletters, blogs, etc. Modern Postcard, where I order some of my online digital printing, sent an email newsletter today, and one of their stories caught my eye. It addressed an issue I've been contemplating. The overhaul of my web site is complete and waiting only for the time when I'm okay with my email going down temporarily, while the new (and much-improved!) site replaces the old one.
> I've been trying to I print/mail an announcement? Or email one? Or both? It's a big dilemma to me. The project I'm "bragging about" is an online one...but I also love getting mail, (doesn't everyone)? It feels "special", and as a print designer, I like to promote printed work!
> In Modern Postcard's newsletter, results of a survey found that 64% of adults say print media is easier to read, and 68% feel more comfortable reading something on paper than on the screen. (read more here:
> I'm convinced. I'll be printing and mailing something to promote the re-launch of my web site, but to capture the other 32–36%, I'm also going to tie it into an additional email campaign, making it even easier to immediately link to the site.
> Stay tuned, by mail, or email, or both!