Wednesday, February 25, 2009

bad economy=time to advertise

> It's tough to spend money when it's not coming in. I've been told that when companies tighten their belts, their creative and advertising budgets are the first thing to get cut, but the last thing that should be. I did a little research to back up that concept.
> In a web article, (, Bryan Gordon references studies showing amazing growth in companies that advertised during recessions: "American Business Press analyzed 143 companies during the '74-75 downturn in our economy and found that companies that advertised during the recession had the highest growth in sales and net income during the two study years and the two years following the recession. They also proved that companies that cut advertising had the lowest sales and net income increases during the same study periods. McGraw-Hill also found similar results when they studies companies' advertising during the '81-82 recession. They found that companies that cut advertising increased their sales only 19% following the recession while companies that continued to advertise during the recession experienced a 275% increase in their sales."
> Think about it: Consumers don't stop buying, they simply become more selective. Their focus is on "needs", not "wants". They look harder for "value" in their purchases. So, what value can you give your clients? Adapt your marketing/advertising message to show that you understand their needs, and can deliver on them. If your competition cuts back on their advertising, and you continue, it's a great opportunity to be the "need" your client are willing to pay for. Now is a great time to put yourself in front of them.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the inspiration to start

> I love art. some more, some less. In my personal collection, I have a few pieces by an amazingly talented artist, Holly Mae (now Olivia Mae) Pendergast. I am drawn to her work--especially her people. They're so alive, and have so much emotion. I typically am not drawn to landscapes, but when I saw hers, I felt the same pull that I do to her people. I love this one (it hangs in my bedroom). "Pines & Water". I love the colors, the abstract quality, but how it also looks exactly like reflections of pine trees in a lake. I love hiking, so maybe that's why this one was especially "real" to me.
> Holly sent me a link to her recently-finished blog, which I am so impressed with. It's simple, and displays her work beautifully. I felt inspired to put my own blog up, so I put it on my list of things to do. I get great satisfaction when I am able to cross things off that list, so I've been motivated to get started. Now the real challenge comes in keeping it new.