Thursday, June 18, 2009

coming back around

> I find it interesting, and kind of humorous that trends come back around and around again, convincing younger people that they've come up with something "new", a breakthrough, something unique and fresh! Kind of like the skinny jeans that are everywhere...(I'll date myself by confessing to stitching the leg seams tighter in all the pants I owned in the last couple years of high school and early college. Skinny jeans are not new, they're just called something different. Been there, done that).
> So, I was working on the design and layout for a magazine article recently, and I used a retro font for the title. The subject matter had a nostalgic feeling, so it felt appropriate to use a "dated" font and color scheme. I designed the article stylistically to look modern-retro (talk about an oxymoron...). I got fast approval to continue the design through the rest of the article, sent the artwork to my client, and moved on with my next project.
> Days later I was browsing web sites, and came across one with some great t-shirt graphics. Of course they were all trendy—the newest thing for teens and trend-followers, and what did I find, but that retro font that sat unused for years with the exception of that one retro article design. Shortly after, I received a font catalog with other "new" fonts (amazingly similar to those that I've had tucked away for fear that someone might see them and think I'd actually use them in a respectable design...) Well, it appears if I want to be "fresh" and "trendy", I guess it's time to dust them off and use them again, til the next recycled trend comes back to replace them. I wonder how long til the big hair days are back...

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