Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Church Tourist

> Another batch of photos from my New York trip, featuring places of worship (the first photo is obviously not a church, but as we rode past on a bus tour, I was at first intrigued by the type that ran across the side of the building, then took a photo because I loved what it said. 
> Our first day, as we were coming from Rockefeller Center to catch the train back to our hotel, we saw St. Patrick's Cathedral. Have you ever seen it? In a word: wow! Even my husband (who's not much of a shutterbug) was dying to go over and take photos. However, because I had smartly charged my camera's battery the night before, then ever-so smartly left the battery in the charger, I told him we couldn't see it just then because I wouldn't be able to take any pictures. I'd spent all day cursing myself for my mistake, and knew my phone wouldn't be able to take the pictures I'd want. Thank goodness he's a good sport—we skipped it and went back later with a fully charged battery IN my camera.
> In our wanderings over the next couple days, I came across several other churches, and while not as ornate, they were gorgeous and inspiring as well.

St. Patrick's Cathedral. There was scaffolding around the front
so it's not as great a shot as I'd like to have taken. I couldn't
get the whole thing or get closer without the construction
Love the organ

Love the stars that were intentionally designed from the intersecting ceiling trim

Everything about this place makes you look upward.
Do you get a sense of how high the ceiling is?

Such beautiful and ornate detail—everywhere

Another church—can't remember where
I love the iron window trim

Another one...

...and the wood door on this one