Thursday, June 25, 2009

all a-twitter

> I had a grandma who was distrustful of escalators, and she was probably a hazard on the freeway because she would putter in the right lane, afraid of all those cars going "too fast". My husband's parents have learned how to email, but they're afraid of doing much on the computer, for fear of hitting the "wrong button" and losing everything, because they're not familiar enough with it to really utilize it. As people get older, it seems like if they don't stay pretty current with everything, it doesn't take long to get behind. 
> I saw a news story about some politicians who don't have a clue what twitter is, but are realizing how important it's become—that it's been a vehicle for telling the inside story of the riots in Iran, when other news sources aren't able to get word out. 
> I'm happy to say I've got a twitter account, and while I don't use it constantly like some people do, I update it at least once each business day, and it's my goal to utilize it more for my business.
> I read a lot and make an effort to learn about "new things", to keep from getting behind over time. I'm not that old yet, but recently I've wondered about that thing in the future... what will it be—the thing that's so incomprehensible to me that I'm afraid of it?

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