Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting More Work

> Since I run my own business, I do lots of reading to educate myself on how to improve the way I do things. Freelance Switch has been a great resource for me. I really enjoy getting their daily blog links. One that came yesterday, by Susan Johnston, gives 110 ideas on getting more work. I read through them, and was pleased to find that I already do several of them, such as asking for testimonials (click the links on my client list to see some that I've gotten); I send out a monthly email newsletter; and I always send out at least one holiday promotion each year, as well as do several other things from their list.
> There are lots of other great ideas in their blog article, even specific ideas depending on whether you are a writer, programmer, designer, illustrator, etc. I got some good ideas about working with local businesses since all my work seems to be non-local.
> And it's good to be reminded that even though I'm doing good things to promote myself, there's always more that can be done.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Inspired By...Bakerella

[ I follow several blogs on a regular basis. Here's another one that inspires me. Hope you enjoy it too ].

> I have come to love valentine's day. No, I've never been one of those ladies who gets showered with gifts that are somehow intended to prove love and affection, and that's not why I love valentines day anyway. It's because there are some really delicious goodies for women who love decadent sweets! And if I get a box of yummy chocolates, no one expects me to share! 
> I've always had a sweet-tooth. Some people keep a stash of goodies so they always have something on hand...I would love to have a stash, I just can't seem to keep one!
> I'm not even sure how I came across this blog because I don't really spend that much time in the kitchen, (I enjoy baking, but just the easy stuff: cookies, cake, nothing really worth photographing!) but this blogs is definitely one of my favorites. Bakerella (how much do you love the name?) was created by Angie Dudley, a baker from Atlanta, GA. (wish I had known about her when I lived there!) She writes regular posts on her blog, showing off her amazing creations. Everything is delicious, from the photography, the creativity, the writing—and her personality is absolutely charming. The best part, she includes step by step photo-laden instructions on how to make everything! 
> If any of you is inspired to try any of these creations and needs a taste-tester, just let me know, I'm there!
(photo from the blog)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Simple Creativity

> When I was in grade school, I LOVED when the "BookMobile" came! When I mentioned this to a friend years ago, he had a good laugh because he knew I didn't care about reading (I've since discovered that I just needed to find things I enjoyed reading, now I LOVE to read!) But at the time, he asked what I possibly liked about having a rolling library come, since I didn't like to read. Well, without fail, I would look for one of the "Harold and the Purple Crayon" books (by Crockett Johnson). I loved those books!
> The thing I still love about those books is that they represent creativity in its simplest form. A great concept, illustrated in the most simple but direct way of communicating that concept. A little boy who goes on adventures based on what his own crayon draws—and it's illustrated with line art, using flat colors. Imagination and execution. It inspired me then, without really understanding why; and simple solutions based on great concepts are still the things I'm inspired by the most.