Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty...

> One of the blogs I get regular feeds to is called Freelance Switch. Great articles and great ideas, tailored to freelancers, like me. The article today is about the health benefits of having pets, especially for freelancers. Good news for me, I work alone and I've got 2 cats (Ninja and Dorian Gray). It's a great article with research to back up the theories. There's a study on a group of stockbrokers who all suffered from hypertension. They sent half home with medication, and the other half home with a dog or cat. Guess which group had a noticeably lower stress level? Yep—the animal people.
> I should get double the benefits from having 2 cats...but I'm not sure since cats are pretty finicky...they say who, and they say when! Still, I put up with the hair everywhere, and having to clean the littler boxes...they're part of the family. They get spoiled with kitty treats and toy mice...they must be doing their jobs right.

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