Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vegas from a Different View

> I was in Vegas last week for a family reunion. I've been there numerous times, but this time, we did some activities I haven't done Hoover Dam, or hiking in Mt. Charleston, and the only money I put into machines was at the Pinball Museum.
> I spent one day with my husband, and my sis and her husband, and we checked out some of the places on the Strip we hadn't been to before—like the City Center with its cool modern architecture, lots of glass, and unexpected angles. When we were in places I've been before, I tried to notice things I hadn't seen before (A little tough to do since everything there is loudly fighting for your attention).
> Here are a few shots of some of the things that I narrowed my focus on...a patterned tile floor...a merchant's decorative front window glass...and the covering of the Paris hotel's valet area.
> I feel pretty good about successfully looking past all the lights and glam, and finding some great details that I had missed during previous visits.

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