Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fascinated by Failure

> Well, actually this blog title is a little misleading... I'm not saying I'm interested in failing, quite the opposite. However, over the years, as I've given many many options to clients, there are times when my favorite solutions are chosen, and times when I'm surprised by the selection they make. I wonder about the creations that weren't chosen. Is it simply a matter of personal preference? Was it a typeface or a color that turned them off to the whole approach? Or did I simply fail to create a design that communicated their needs in a visual way?
> I have thought many times about putting together a promotion that highlights some of the "rejects" that I really like and think would have been great if chosen. I wonder I need the client's permission to use them? I mean, if they said no to these designs and they're not being used, does it matter? Of course if it's a logo, it has their company name, so maybe it's just respectful to ask...but if I ask, will they question why I'm featuring a design they didn't choose? Why didn't I push harder for them to choose what I may have felt was a stronger solution?
> Maybe I'll just include the "losers" along with the winners in blog posts, and let my readers be the silent judges of the appropriate solution. Thoughts?

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