Monday, August 29, 2011

Numbers Count

> We recently had the stucco redone on our house. We were so excited about the results—the newness, no cracks or stains, and the new warmer color—we decided we just couldn't re-hang the house numbers that had once been there. They were cheap, plastic, and from my point of view, just plain ugly. My husband and I agreed that we needed better looking numbers to adorn our face-lifted house.
> In hindsight, I wish that I had taken a photo of the "before" numbers, but I hastily threw them out as soon as we decided we weren't going to use them.
> With expenses and the economy as they are right now, we needed to be frugal as well as finicky, which narrowed our selection quite a bit. 
> We found some in an art deco font that we LOVED, but they just didn't fit well on the plaque we needed to use. Our second choice was a condensed roman (serif) font, but it was SO condensed that we decided it wouldn't be as legible from the street as we felt like it should be. We purchased our third choice—it's a hybrid between a serif and sans serif, giving it a modern feel. Some of the numbers are shown above. We plan to get the numbers mounted and the plaque hung this evening. 
> For someone who's not a numbers person, I'm pretty excited about these!

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