Monday, March 3, 2014

Keep it Current

> Any designer will tell you how important it is to keep your online portfolio up to date. I know, I know...I won't make excuses here, I need to (and want to) update my site. Bigger project photos, bigger type with fewer—but carefully chosen words. Mostly I need to make it easier to upload new projects. I considered going with a blog format, til I read about Adobe Muse. I've been pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to use, since it uses the same tools as other Adobe products I use all the time, but somewhere in the middle, despite my lack of programming knowledge, code gets "magically" added, and it will become a real live web site! 
> In the meantime, I've started updating an online portfolio site called Behance. It's easy to upload work to, so I've added a few projects there. Many of them are already on my current—but not current—site, but there are a few that aren't, and I'm glad they have a home while I keep plugging away with Muse. Check them out here. I guarantee there's at least one you haven't seen before!

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