Friday, February 14, 2014

Mixed-up Valentine

> A good graphic designer always makes her own valentine cards, right? I admit I didn't for a long time, but I've done better since this blog post a couple of years ago. 
> I started with a "Valentines Eve" surprise (and boy was it a surprise!) After I made the bed yesterday morning, I taped several cut-out hearts to the sheet under the covers on Gene's side of the bed for him to find as we went to bed last night. After I finished washing my face, I found him sitting on top of the covers, and I started scheming in my mind about how to make sure he got under the covers before turning off the light. I pulled back the covers on my side of the bed, and couldn't stop laughing. He had moved all the hearts to my side of the bed (who does that? he's so funny!) Here's where I got my idea...he came up with his "response" all on his own.
> For his valentine today, I made a mixed up message that he'll have to unscramble then assemble. I used a different font and background color for each word so it won't be too tough to unscramble and put the message together—it IS supposed to be more fun than work ;-) I printed the letters onto pre-cut label stock and left the backing paper on. I attached each sticker to a Hershey Kiss, which I used to make a "trail" leading into Gene's office. As he decodes each word, he can adhere the stickers to the marks on the accordion-folded card, which will spell out my valentine message. I'm kind of excited and hope it's a fun way for him to get his chocolate (well, what's left of it...there were a lot of leftover kisses! Maybe I should have made a longer message...)

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