Friday, March 7, 2014

2 Outta 3 Ain't Bad

> Ever heard the of saying "When God closes a door, he opens a window"? Well, recently, I experienced both—luckily I didn't have to look around for the window. 
> Recently, after a couple days of questions, answers and discussion, I successfully negotiated a great book project—giving me an ego boost. I always feel a surge of confidence when I get a new client! Shortly after, an ongoing client emailed to ask about my availability to work on a project for them (I always find a way to be available for my clients!) I told her to send the files when she was ready and I'd get started. 
> Just after sending that response, I received a disappointing email that shook my confidence a little. I was told I wasn't a good match for something I really and truly felt I was a PERFECT candidate for. Ouch! 
> I know, it's business, don't take it personally—right?
> I try to invest my "everything" when I work on projects—I believe it's one of my strengths. Unfortunately, it's also a weakness when I don't get to do a project I'm really excited about.
On the positive side, during the very same hour I received that disappointing news, I also got 2 big projects—one from a new client where I get to prove that I can beautifully bring life to the book concept she's so passionate about; and the other from a great ongoing client who gives me repeat work, which tells me that I'm doing a great job for them. 
> I know I'm not the perfect fit for every business' design needs, but I love working with the ones who feel like I'm perfect for them.

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