Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Christmas!

> I love Christmas tree ornaments! I actually have some "ornament" traditions. I buy at LEAST one new ornament for our tree each year, (but it's usually more than one). One of my friends and I live far from each other, and each December, we exchange an ornament. It's a treat for both of us to find the "perfect ornament", and also to receive it—and I've learned that her kids love being a part of selecting what gets sent to me, and get just as excited to see what I send for their tree. With another friend, we digitally share ornaments for every day in December until Christmas. We started doing this a couple years ago, and I LOVE looking online for funny, cool, unique ornaments to email to her, and I'm excited to check my email each morning to see what she's sent to me. In fact, once Christmas day passes, I kind of have a let-down feeling, knowing the digital ornament exchange is over.
> In fact, it was while I was searching for some of the digital ornaments that I got my inspiration for this year's holiday promotional gift. A few years ago, I created business card sized calendars printed onto thin sheets of wood. I wondered if they had a precut shape in my budget that would work well for an ornament—they did!
> Both of my ornament-loving friends—as well as clients, vendors, family and friends—received a custom-designed ornament. I still have a few left...if you love ornaments and don't mind a little bit of branding on it, send me your address and I'll get one to you.

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