Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The M Wall

> The "m" wall is finally complete! (well, I shouldn't say complete—because there's always room for more m's—but, the ones I have are now hanging). I STILL haven't picked up my art from my parents' basement, so the walls in the rest of the room aren't complete yet, but this is the most important wall!
> Check out the transformation—you can see how badly the walls needed a fresh coat of paint! and bam!! that bold spring green (aka Maralee green, but WAY bolder than I've ever had before). Then, m's and finishing touches. Totally in love with it.

Did you notice:
- the "O" (a tribute to my maiden name)
- the "N" (serendipitous! I found it at an awesome antique store in Seattle, before I was a Nelson. It was the only letter they had, and even though I had no reason to think I'd ever need an "N", I was in love with it so I got it anyway. Now it's perfect!
- the empty cubby in the cube shelves (you can see it in the last photo). (I have 2 kitties sharing my office space, and I left it open thinking it would be fun if they liked to hang out there, but I have yet to see either of them enjoying it, so it'll get "repurposed").

> The arrangement is quite a bit different from my last office—but I love the super bold color, and I really love how much more space there is for adding to my collection!

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