Monday, January 13, 2014

Car Craze

> Last summer, my family reunion was at Lake Tahoe (GORgeous!) and one day, some of us drove to Reno to visit the National Auto MuseumMy sister and brother in law had been a few years before and knew I'd love it. I love a nicely-designed car. In fact, when we're driving somewhere, I say the words "nice car" as often as Gene does. So my dad, a car-loving nephew, Gene and I hit the road.
> It was awesome! So many beautiful cars, and in such amazing condition for their ages. I took SO many photos...unfortunately, it was hard to get great shots—the cars were extremely shiny, and there were really bright spotlights everywhere, but the other lighting was not very good, so no matter what I tried*, some of the shots have really bad glare. Also, there are so many cars that most of my shots have other cars or signage in the backgrounds. But still, it was amazing, and I had fun taking photos and have enjoyed looking at them since (*my "trying" is limited since I'm no pro when it comes to photography).
> The photos I'm sharing here are front-views of several cars—I love how "styled" they are. The grills, hoods and fenders seem to have a lot more "going on" in these old cars than cars do now. I know there are logical reasons for the changes, but it's still fun to enjoy the details in these classics.
> I had a lot of favorite styles and features, but my favorite—just because it's SO odd—is the last car, shown in the last 2 photos in this grouping. I can't remember what it is, but it's awesome, yet there's no question why you don't see anything like it on the road today!

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