Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gargoyles on Green

> Last time I posted, we had just spent a month with my sister and brother-in-law after having sold our house, while waiting til we were able to move into our new home. And now we've been in our new house for a month. 
> Despite 2 unexpected surgeries for kidney stones and way too many days on serious pain and anti-nausea meds, and trying to get the anesthesia out of my system, almost everything is put away. 
> I feel pretty good about that progress because it turns out we have a LOT of stuff! We're down to decor, and art. Sounds like we're really close, but if you could take a peek at the room in my parents' basement where the art is all being safely stored, you'd realize I've still got a pretty big task ahead of me. But the hardest part will be choosing what things NOT to hang. Turns out we have less "hangable" wall space in this house than our last one, and not everything was hanging there either (hubby says maybe it's time to sell some pieces...however, we disagree!)
> Luckily, some things don't require much some of the small things in my studio. The m's (of course), and these "office gargoyles". Aren't they awesome? Several years ago, my family had a reunion on the Oregon Coast (I'd love to go back!) and there was this wonderful eclectic shop that had a wall covered with these hand-crafted little clay faces. Some were creepy, some were funny, and some were just sweet. These guys have hung in my office—wherever it's been—ever since.
> I've had a few people ask for before and after pics of my studio...I promise it's coming! Once I get the art hung in here, the "after" will be complete, and I can photo-document the awesomeness that is my new, really green office.

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