Wednesday, September 11, 2013


> I've already written a couple of posts about our trip to New York City last year (here, here, and here), and still have lots more photos to share. I hadn't specifically intended on saving these pics for today, but since I finally carved out a little time to devote to a post, and considering that today is 9-11, well, what could be more appropriate.
> There was a lot on our to-do list while there, but we both agreed we HAD to visit the 9/11 Memorial. We had to pre-arrange for tickets since they only allow a certain number of people in the area at a time—which is actually great so it's not over-crowded for the space. It was easy to take the photos I wanted, and while there were lots of people, there was still such a feeling of peace, reverence, respect—which I was glad for. I hope it always maintains that kind of feeling. It means people still remember.
> For me personally, I still get emotional when I think about that day, and the days that followed. In my personal life, my own world was coming apart at the seams. I had found out just weeks earlier that what I thought was "solid ground" was not only not solid, but that it hadn't been for a long time. As I was exposed to my new reality more and more each day, it became harder and harder for me to do more than simply function. Then came the early morning phone calls from friends on the east coast who called to tell us what was happening in Manhattan. All of a sudden it felt there was no solid ground anywhere, and I wondered if things would ever be okay again—for me—for all those people who had lost loved ones—for anyone.
> All these years later, I still avoid watching any news that shows footage of what happened, or the emotions of that time seem very close again. Some things will always be "too real". You know? But thankfully, time helps. And healing occurs. And we are able to do things that make the ground a little more solid again.
> I was so glad to be able to visit the Memorial (the museum was still under construction at the time—it's the building that looks like it's on its side. Appropriate, right?) There was a lot of building going on in the area. Regrowth is a good thing. The memorial is  beautiful. It's peaceful. And it's on very solid ground.

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