Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Specialty Techniques Done Right

> A few months ago, I shared my love of the blog Bakerella, and now I have reason to send you there again. She recently blogged about a cupcake bakery she had visited called "miette". Next time I go to San Francisco, I am definitely going, and I plan to walk out at least 10 pounds heavier! 
> Of all the delicious treats featured in the blog, my favorite was a photograph of their recently released self-titled cookbook. I LOVE the scalloped pages! What an appropriate and creative special effect. 
> When it comes to special effects in printing, if you're going to spend a little extra money on the production, make it complementary to your company's brand and visual message. For example: if your company's main selling point is that you offer the lowest prices, a metallic foil stamp is not the message that shows your clients that you know how to save money. And if you are a financial investor for wealthy clients, you shouldn't print your own cards from a template file onto flimsy perforated paper stock.

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