Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting More Work

> Since I run my own business, I do lots of reading to educate myself on how to improve the way I do things. Freelance Switch has been a great resource for me. I really enjoy getting their daily blog links. One that came yesterday, by Susan Johnston, gives 110 ideas on getting more work. I read through them, and was pleased to find that I already do several of them, such as asking for testimonials (click the links on my client list to see some that I've gotten); I send out a monthly email newsletter; and I always send out at least one holiday promotion each year, as well as do several other things from their list.
> There are lots of other great ideas in their blog article, even specific ideas depending on whether you are a writer, programmer, designer, illustrator, etc. I got some good ideas about working with local businesses since all my work seems to be non-local.
> And it's good to be reminded that even though I'm doing good things to promote myself, there's always more that can be done.

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