Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sending un-Junk Mail

> As you sort through your mail and toss out all the undesired pieces, you call it "junk mail". If you're an advertiser, trying to reach your target audience by mail, hoping to spark some interest, you call it "direct mail". Whatever you call it, the results of a new survey tell us that 8 out of 10 households report visually scanning or reading the advertising mail they receive.
> When executed well, direct mail can deliver results that far surpass print ads or broadcast for virtually any kind of business, product or service—and these results and measurable, predictable, immediate, and cost-effective. The secret to all this wonderful success lies in one simple principle: Creativity rules (source: Neenah Paper promotion).
> Second only to the service or product you offer to your potential customers, remember that creativity is what can turn your mailing budget from being categorized junk mail, to direct mail.
> Good information for me as I begin working on my holiday promotion.

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