Saturday, October 23, 2010

Childish Inspiration

> I live on a hill. And at the bottom, around the corner, is an elementary school. Every morning, I can hear kids on their way to school, wheels bump-bumping on the sidewalk cracks as they ride down the hill as fast as they dare, riding bikes, scooters, and anything with wheels. I love to hear the imagination in the happy screams, "I'm flying!", or "I'm Superman!", or my favorite from a grade-schooler, "I'm going faster than the speed of light!"
> Our deck overlooks the large playground, and sometimes my husband and I eat our lunch outside, and get a kick out of watching the kids play. It's amazing how imaginative they are. They decide "what they are going to be" during recess, a bunch of other kids join in the role-play, and they all have a great time.
> I've heard that children are able to create freely for a certain period of time, then they start creating based on others' expectations, or from learned application, and at that point, the "magic" is gone. 
> In witnessing the freedom in the way these kids play, I wonder: if we could all let go, and not care what others else think of our imagination, or how we play in our free time, would it enhance our creativity and inspiration when it comes time to be creative for work? Maybe I need to borrow a scooter and find out.

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