Thursday, February 25, 2010

visual messages

> In the text of my new (but not live yet) web site, I talk a lot about visual messages. What's a visual message? Just what it sounds like: a visual message is what any application of your brand (business cards, blog, web site, brochure, etc.) "tells" anyone who comes in contact with it.
> You can tell people all about your business, about how you are unique with skills that no one else can provide, and that you offer something better than any of your competition...but if your web site is built using a free downloadable template and clip art, your visual message isn't consistent with your verbal one.
> From your business card to your web site, and everything in between, make sure there is consistency beyond just slapping your logo on everything. If you didn't know there's more you should be doing, you're in luck, now you know, and mGraphicDesign can help!

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