Tuesday, February 2, 2010

me or we?

> I've been working on updating my web site. I wrote all the text, edited, and edited, asked others to edit, then finally decided it was "ready". But as I was placing it into the site's content management system, I ran across an inconsistency that needed fixing. The problem is that I'm not really sure where I "land" on this particular issue: Is mGraphicDesign a "me", or a "we"?
> mGraphicDesign is a one-person business. I'm okay with that, in fact I prefer it. But when I'm trying to get new business, sometimes there are reservations about hiring a "freelancer". I've been told it's better to appear larger, more experienced, and more substantial—that somehow size "proves" capability. One of my colleagues (also a sole proprietor) once pointed out to me that we don't literally work solo, so why not refer to the company as "we"? He's right. When I'm designing a web site, I hire skilled programmers who handle that part of the project. If I'm working on a brochure, the photos may come from the client, they may come from an online stock source, or I may hire a photographer to do custom work. Same goes for printing. In fact, there have been many times when my workload has been heavy enough that I hire freelancers to share my load. So in that sense, mGraphicDesign is a "we".
> So how will I handle the correct pronoun usage on my site? Good question! Right now I'm working on making sure the portfolio section of my web site is as impressive as it can be, showing a wide variety or projects, for a diverse clientele, and if I can get that right, maybe "we" and "me" will be okay either way.

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  1. Hi Maralee! I had the same question and just decided to be "me." But you have a good argument for "we." Can't wait for the big reveal!