Wednesday, January 6, 2010

love it? hate it? it's okay

> An unidentified woman recently gave my client an unsolicited "review" of his "Live in Art" logo. She told him that she didn't like it, that it was no good. She wasn't able to articulate what she thought was so bad about it, but somehow, she felt justified in sharing her opinion with him (we couldn't figure out how it was relevant, or why she was so emboldened as to approach a total stranger, in an attempt to insult something that he obviously liked).
> He called me to laugh about it with him. Yep, I designed it. I've been doing design work for him for over 15 yrs, and I'm pretty sure if he shared her opinion, we wouldn't have that history.
> I wasn't offended though. One person may like bright colors and a busy layout with lots going on. Another person may be attracted to muted, earthy colors, in a simple layout. There's nothing inherently "wrong" about either one—just a matter of taste, opinion, and knowing what's appropriate for the target audience.
> While I happen to like the design (yes, I'm biased), it's more important that my client likes the design. It's been working well for him for several years now, and he'll tell me when it's not working for him anymore. That's the opinion that matters to me.

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