Thursday, December 17, 2009

a custom(s) promotion

> I was on track to mail my holiday promotion until I took a finished piece to the post office to get postage for the rest of them. I was surprised that the postal worker informed me that I needed to fill out a customs slip for each package. (what??) I asked several questions, but she just apologetically handed me a stack of slips that needed to be filled out and attached to each package.
> I filled them out whenever I had down-time. In front of the TV, while I was on hold, while I waited for a large file to upload for a client, etc. Finally, I had them all filled out, attached and ready to go. Monday morning, I went to the post office with a box of 20 (wanted to make sure I filled them out right so they didn't come back!). After waiting 30 minutes in line, I was apologetically told that I didn't need to fill out a customs slip for these. And, to make sure to remove them completely so they wouldn't get delayed due to confusion.
> Wow! If ever I wanted to go postal...
> Luckily, I kept my cool, put on some good music, and started peeling labels off. So, if you received one and the back of the box was torn up, well, now you know the story.
> They're all out now, and I'm getting emails, calls, and FB posts thanking me. That's what makes the time I spend on promotions worth it (even when I "get" to spend more time than is necessary).

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  1. That was a cool calendar. I've got it on my desk.

    Thanks for filling out a customs form just for my copy.