Tuesday, August 4, 2009


> Last week, I had a niece and nephew with me for the day. We had a lot of fun together.
> For lunch, we made "mummy dogs" (pigs in blankets, but instead of a large single piece of dough baked on the outside of the hot dog, we cut the dough into strips and wrapped them "mummy-style" around the hot dogs, baked them, then used drops of mustard for the eyes after they came out of the oven).
> We dipped big pretzel sticks into melted chocolate, decorated them, and ate way too many of our delicious masterpieces.
> The most fun though, was watching the kids play. Since they were really young, Maci and Ethan have loved playing with my Mr. PotatoHead toys. Ethan is more interested in my Legos now. Kids are the most creative people. They have open and uncluttered minds, and are able to build, draw, and create without a preconceived idea of what is expected. If I can somehow draw creativity from my own inner-child, I think my whole creative process will be more exciting, more unusual, and more unique.
> Spending time with "my kids", watching them play and invent creatures, and spaceships, and masterful creations was a great day for recharging my creativity (and the chocolate pretzels were a nice bonus).

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