Friday, July 31, 2009

somber beauty

> I am drawn to cemeteries. Not in a morbid way. Not hoping to get frightened after dark. I find them to be quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. I could spend all day wandering, reading, and taking photographs.
> Some of the grave markers have wonderful typography. Some have ornate carvings, sculptures or benches. I love to find design treasures as I'm wandering, and I have a photo album of them. Some of the patterns and carvings have actually inspired some of my work.
> I've traveled with my sis and her husband more than anyone, and luckily, they enjoy wandering around in cemeteries too. We really enjoy the very old historic ones—they seem to have the most interesting character.
> I was actually looking through typographic design samples for a project, and ran across the image of the headstone shown here. I decided I'd pull up a couple other great samples from my wanderings to share with you.
> There's a huge, older cemetery about 10 miles from here that I'm dying to spend a day in—just waiting for a nice fall day. If you can't find me, I just might be there.

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