Friday, August 21, 2009

trip down memory lane

> I spent the past several days with my family in a small town on the Henry's Fork of the Snake River in Idaho. We were surrounded by gorgeous scenery. It was fun to catch up and spend time with everyone.
> On the way, we took a detour, stopping in Rexburg where I attended Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho). We drove by the apartments I lived in, and the Wendy's where I worked for a year. And for 2 marketing events, because of my red hair, they had me dress like "Wendy", waving to passing cars and handing out balloons.
> I loved my time at Ricks College. It's where I discovered design, and even stayed for a year after my graduation to take more design and art classes. It's also where I had my first paying design job. I was hired to design a logo for a mens' apartment complex, and had to enlarge and paint it on a sign that would be posted facing the street. Thankfully production techniques are better now!
> The apartments have a different name now, and I was disappointed to not get to see my sign. But over the years that have gone by, I'm not surprised either. I have a low res scan of the logo, and after so many years, (even for a beginning design job), I'm not embarrassed to share it here (you won't catch me in that Wendy's outfit though!)

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