Friday, May 8, 2009

happy mothers day

> I went to high school in a small town and took all the art classes that were available. In my first semester of college, I enrolled in more. I wasn't sure what I wanted to "be" when I grew up, and while I loved art, this was back before computers made design and art something that people could do and make a living. I'm a cautious decision-maker, so I tested my choices. I decided to not take any art classes my second semester. My mom still laughs today when she recounts my explanation: I wanted to see if I would miss it.
> My mom always knew that I would do something creative. That somehow, I would find a way to bring art into whatever I ended up becoming. She knew, but had the wisdom to let me figure it out for myself. Thankfully, I did.
> Happy Mothers Day! Thanks for always seeing the vision of what I could become in my life.

(the above quote is from a book I designed for Gibbs-Smith Publisher, called "The Outhouse Reader", by Texas Bix Bender and Judge Roy English). 

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