Tuesday, May 26, 2009

art and letters

> I love to poke around in antique stores. Don't ask me what I'm looking for. I don't know...until I find it. I've come home with lots of treasures that I didn't realize I was collecting, until I find the "next" one that I have to have. It's more fun that way! There is one thing I know I cannot pass up: wood block type. I LOVE typography, so it's really no surprise to someone who knows me well. I've found that even though I have more than I can display, if I find some of the large display letters, (which doesn't happen often), I HAVE to buy a couple pieces. 
> I was at an art show over the weekend, and I found a type drawer. I have two others, but each is unique. So while I didn't come home with any art, I did buy that type case and will use some of the type I've collected over the years and will create my own work of art using the wonderful aged and inked block letters that I adore.

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