Thursday, April 30, 2009

lurking in the shadows

> Anyone who's been on a trip with me knows I take pictures of "weird" things. I am known to stop and photograph the ground, to move all around something to get the perfect angle, and I've spent afternoons taking photos in cemeteries.
> Some of my favorite "weird" shots are shadows. Especially when they make a better image than what's casting them. I like to see something that's not-so-obvious, then create a way for others to see it too. I guess that's part of what I love about designing—shifting the focus to the "shadow" of what someone else is looking at.
> Some clients give me their own ideas when asking for creative solutions. I prepare what they've asked for, then I shift to the less-obvious, more appropriate solution: the shadow of what they asked for. As a result, my clients get what they wanted, portrayed in a way that communicates their message better, and we're both happy with the final product. You may not know what's lurking in the dark corners of a client's mind, but searching the shadows is a safe bet.

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