Monday, February 9, 2015

Save My Seat(s)

> By now you know I've got a little crush on a certain shade of green...but while I (surprisingly) don't have a lot of it throughout my house (my studio is a different story), I do add little pops of my favorite color here and there. For the most part, I reserve color for changeable accents—pillows, table decor, throws, etc.

> When I first got these stools, I loved the neutral tan fabric with the dark steel, but after several years of grandkids and everyday use, the discoloration and stains on the fabric were grossing me out. It was time for a little stool recovery—and some Pinterest inspiration showed me I could have "grandma-wrapped" plastic covered furniture, and have it still look cute.

> It took a little extra time because I chose a large repeating pattern, and being a bit of a perfectionist, I needed to make sure the patterns were centered. It wasn't difficult, it just took a little extra care when cutting, lining things up, and reassembling.

> Here are several pics of the stools before, the process, and the final photos of the finished stools.

A few tips:
  • make sure you cut enough extra to wrap and securely fasten on the underside of the base
  • iron your fabric after you cut it out
  • the fabric store clerk will likely "fold" your plastic so it will fit in the bag, rolling it is better
  • pull the fabric taut as you staple, but if you have a pattern, make sure the pattern isn't distorted as you pull and secure it
  • notice where the mounting holes are in your base—if you have a geometric pattern, deliberately place your fabric according to how the base will mount onto the frame
  • mark where the mounting holes are onto your fabric/plastic, or it will be hard to find them again!

> We are super excited with how these turned out. I can hardly wait for someone to spill on one of them.

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