Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rusty Metal Stuff

> Just returned Sunday evening from a week in Lake Tahoe. It was WONderful! We had a few days to explore on our own, then we were joined mid-week by (most of) the rest of my family for our annual reunion. 
> We spent some time in Virginia City, NV—a mining boomtown. It's a Victorian-era tourist town with historic churches, a beautiful cemetery, Old West saloons, museums, antique shops, etc.
> I love looking in antique stores, and I have specific things I always look for...old printing items, like metal or wood block type...are you surprised?), and rusty metal stuff.
> We scoped out the place one day before everyone arrived just to see if there was enough there to entertain our large group with all our different interests, ages, and attention spans (there was). While browsing, I found a treasure...see the "rusty metal thing" in the center of the picture? I assume it's some kind of door latch. Isn't it cool? Anyway, we had just arrived, and I wasn't sure what else I might find, so I took a photo of it, knowing we'd be back with the whole fam in a few days, and I could always get it then. But, I didn't. And now I'm kicking myself. 
> Even my husband just looked at the photo as I'm typing, and said "$20 bucks? If I knew it was only $20 bucks, I'd have pushed you into getting it, because you'd regret it if you didn't." He's right. I regret it. Especially now with a little PhotoShop magic to adjust the contrast, and I can see the scroll details that look like m's! It was supposed to be mine!
> Why can't I be more impulsive?!

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