Monday, May 6, 2013

When it's Time to Change

> I've been running my own business for...well...the fact that I can't pinpoint exactly how long without taking a minute to think about it indicates that it's been a long time! One thing I know: when you're a freelancer, you have to make time to update your web site/portfolio, and keep your brand looking fresh and current, while maintaining continuity and consistency. Seriously, if you don't do it for your own business, how can your clients know and trust you to do it for them?
> Confession: I'm guilty of not updating my web site as often as I'd like. Yeah, I know how important it is, but frankly, during the times that my client work slows down, I catch up on other things first, then more work comes in, and it's on the back burner again.
> Recently, I was doing some research for a project, and ended up bookmarking a couple sites to go back to, because it got me thinking about how I could remedy my own web presence. 

Here's what I'm considering:
  • It's been almost 3 years since my last web design overhaul. It's time to completely update/redesign/refresh my web site
  • Integrating my web site and blog would be a great way to make regular changes and updates to both, a LOT more easily
  • I've got another blog, Q-cards, where I post a new quote design each week. I'm weighing whether to incorporate it into the new mGraphicDesign blog/web as a featured weekly blog post, or to keep it as an individual entity. Because I was invited to post the designs to a very popular Pinterest page, and my designs get a lot of repins I wonder if it might may be a new way to bring in new blog followers, and with an integrated blog and web site, perhaps new clients as well. What do you think? Can't hurt, right?
> So, now the fun part begins. What will it look like? What things will change? What things will stay, but with a facelift? That will all be be part of the surprise. However, I know you won't be surprised to hear this: expect green, and at least one oversized "m".

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