Friday, June 15, 2012

Manhattan: Ornate Appeal

> My husband works for PepsiCo, and was recently the recipient of the award they give to their top salespeople (I'm tooting his horn for him). They flew us to NYC and treated us to several days of amazing food, and experiences we'd never have been able to have on our own. It was absolutely wonderful. We stayed for 2 extra days on our own in addition to the days they hosted, and we loved exploring this awesome city.
> I was inspired by so many things, and as I sorted my photos, I decided to categorize them rather than just post everything randomly.
> Following are photos of how much ornamentation there is—everywhere. I love the historic architecture, and between the mix of old and new, it's a visual feast. For once, my husband didn't have to indulge my inner-amateur-photographer completely, because he was taking tons of photos too! [Gotta apologize for the blown-out sky in some of the photos. If I knew more about anything other than the auto feature on my camera I might be able to adjust for a bright but overcast sky...I did admit I'm an amateur, right?]
> Hope you enjoy these. Future posts will include churches, bridges, the 9-11 memorial, and more.

my cute husband Gene (and don't you love the added detail on the exterior of the tunnel?) 


  1. Your photos are fine! NYC is full of beauty and you found some real treasures.

  2. Thanks Ann! I fell in love there for sure!

  3. Nancy BoskoffJune 18, 2012

    Fantastic photos in a fantastic city! Love the owl (and the photo of Gene).

  4. thanks Nancy!
    The owl was in Central Park, and since we didn't have time to see more than a fraction of it, I'm glad I found him...we need to go back for more!

  5. Jane LeighJune 18, 2012

    I love them all - especially the carved face - a grotesque? You did a beautiful job with the photography! Thanks for putting these in Muse!

  6. there were carved faces all across the building--we were in a double-decker bus so I was high enough to get a decent angle, but I could only get one before we moved again. We passed it later, walking, and they were too high up to get the rest of them.