Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Featuring Features

> I'm currently working on a brand for a company whose target audience includes wealthy individuals or companies. So, I discussed doing some things that communicate a message of refinement, taste, and the ability to use money wisely without going overboard on flamboyance.
> There are several collateral items in the works, but business cards needed to happen first.
> We considered several print techniques, but eventually landed on using a heavier duplex stock with a ribbed texture on one side. A silver metallic ink was used to print information on the dark navy side of the paper—enough contrast to be readable, but also to bring in the richness of silver, which also ties into the company name, also printed in silver, but with a raised technique to make it pop off the card and give an additional textural quality. And the best part: the logo is not only printed but embossed, with an intentional "empty" space on the back of the card. The embossing job was done so well, that even with the fine detail, it almost appears to be a debossed logo when you're looking at the back of the card.
> A lot of special techniques, but done in just the right amounts so rather than being overboard, it's a complementary grouping of features that helps to communicate money spent, but responsibly. The right message to send to their own clients.

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