Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inspired By...

[ I follow several blogs on a regular basis. There's something about each of them that inspires me. I decided to start sharing them with you, along with what I love most about them. Maybe they will become your regular faves too ].

> I've been struggling with migraines for the past several days. Usually I can power through and keep going, but after a long run, I get weary and I start dragging more. I was feeling a little better yesterday, but didn't realize how much til my husband got home, and I shared some recent good news: "One of my clients told me that if I want to purchase new fonts for their projects, that they would approve them and include it in my budget!" He laughed and told me he could tell I was feeling better.
> Doesn't he know that getting new fonts, especially when I get to choose them, but someone else pays for them ALWAYS makes things better??
> Yes, fonts inspire me. Which is why I love the idea of this blog. Each day, designer/illustrator Jessica Hische, features a different block cap letter. And she also shares the html code that allows people to use her designed letters on their own blogs. Nice!

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