Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When to Spend

> I'm working on a branding project for a client's new business. A new business-owner in the current economy needs to be cautious. There are ways to spend less when you're putting together your identity materials, but there are also places where you should spend a little more. And the distinction between them can make a big difference.
> My client and I are currently discussing some specialty printing techniques that will cost more that typical offset printing, and a lot more than digital printing. Not that there's anything wrong with either—I use both on a regular basis and feel confident that for most projects they are a great way to go. But there are some times that it's appropriate, even necessary, to increase the production budget, in order to project the right message.
> You have to consider your audience, and the "lifespan" of the piece, along with the price. My client's target audience is high-end: people with a lot of money who are looking for investment advice. They are well aware of quality when they see and feel it, so spending a little extra money will go a long way when they feel a heavier stock, or the texture of a letterpress or embossed business card. The tactile quality of a well-considered business card makes the statement: "The person who gave me this card knows obviously what quality is. They know the value of things, and they are more likely to be knowledgeable in the areas of money and finance. We probably think alike, and they are probably like me in some ways, so I can probably trust them." If something "feels" more substantial, more "important", it's more likely that the recipient will think those same positive thoughts about the company. And they will likely keep the card. It doesn't feel "cheap", or like junk, so it's a bigger decision to throw it away. And a card that someone keeps, means you're more likely to come to mind when they're looking for a service you provide.
> I've heard, (and I believe it in this case), "you gotta put money in, to get money out."

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