Friday, May 14, 2010

keep in touch

> You hear this phrase all the time, but not as many people follow up, as say it. As a freelancer or small business, staying in touch is key. In an article (read it here) by Martha Retallick, she says, "A lot of your success as a freelancer will depend on your persistence", and I've found this to be true. She goes on to share the way she keeps her contacts organized, and what she does to follow up.
> I'm big on lists. They work for me, and are an important part of my ability to keep organized and stay on top of things. I have an active do-list with both short-term and long-term projects, assignments, and things I need to take care of. And just as important, (and as Martha's article explains in more detail), I have a K.I.T. list (Keep In Touch). You know when you hear from a client that a job is postponed for a month, or you meet someone who says they have some work, but they're not ready to do anything formal about it yet? Or you send out a proposal to a potential new client...those are all on my KIT list. Depending on the circumstances, I send out an email between 1x/week and 1x/month.
> No one wants to be harassed, but there's a big difference between being persistent and responsive vs. risking a restraining order. A brief email shows them that they are a priority, that you are good about following up, and that you truly are interested.
> I had a little down time this morning, so I followed up with a few people on my KIT list, and one of those has now turned into a proposal. 

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