Thursday, June 5, 2014

Golden Anniversary in Silver

> My parents recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary (woohoo!) Despite their resistance to having a big event, my siblings and I planned a day of celebration with extended family that I think we will all remember. We each presented something to them by way of talent, performance, etc. at a program for my parents and their progeny.
While I grew up with music lessons, I really don't like to perform, but I wanted to share some sort of talent, and worked to find something unique that I could create for them. I designed the invitations, but wanted to do something more—something that felt like a gift. 
I follow the blogs of several paper artists, and I've been a long-time love of all things paper, so I decided to attempt to design and do a papercut (beware of half the images that will come up if you do a Google search!) 
Interestingly, paper is the traditional gift for a 1st anniversary. Gold represents the 50th anniversary, but that's a bit out of my budget! I created a typographic design using their names, and added a stock border that I could customize and incorporate with the design. I thought about metallic gold paper, but I decided silver would "go" better with the decor in their home.
With great optimism, I photographed my process to share here. The curves aren't perfect, I wish they were, (perhaps my first attempt should have been less curvy!) but if you're not looking closely, it looks pretty good—good enough that in a frame, I felt excited to give it to them.
I think with more practice, this is something I'll do more of!

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