Saturday, February 2, 2013

Post Promo

> I wish I could say I've just enjoyed the longest holiday break ever known to man...however the time was spent doing something much less exciting...I had surgery at the beginning of December, and spent the holidays recovering. It's taken me much longer to be able to return to work than I had hoped, but I'm finally back.
> Just before my surgery, I mailed out my annual holiday promotion (and yes, the timing was intentional!) I've never been so on-the-ball for the holidays. I don't plan on an annual surgery, but I did like having everything done so far ahead of time!
> I sent these to my clients, vendors, and contacts, as well as family and friends who are interested in what I do. And I made sure to have extras so I can give them out to new business contacts throughout the coming year (minus the holiday greeting portion of it).
> I really had a hard time deciding if I wanted to use the pun or not...was it never know how it's going to come off, but I got enough positive feedback about doing it that I went with it. Hopefully it's more clever than cheesy.

> If you didn't get any encourage-mints and would like them, just subscribe to my (usually) monthly email newsletter (a couple months behind for the above reason), or like me on Facebook, then email me your mailing address. If you already do both and didn't receive one, email me to let me know, and include your address.

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