Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Creativity vs Burnout

> I can't remember where, but I remember reading once that there's no such thing as "creative burnout". For a creative person, creativity happens when everything's in balance, and when you're not feeling creative, it really means that other things in your life are not going well.
> Interesting concept, isn't it? I think to some extent it's true, but I have to wonder if it's that black and white. I had a particularly "imbalanced" period in my life, when things were pretty rough. I've looked back at many of the projects I worked on during that time, and I don't think my work suffered. Maybe it took more for me to come to a good solution during that time, but I do know I was glad for being busy, and for the work, because it allowed me to keep my mind off the hard things I was going through. I put my energy and focus into my work. I guess I honestly can't remember if I felt creative or not, but isn't it also about focus and effort?
> I'm going to have to test the theory for myself. But it's a win-win, right? Things are good and in balance, OR things are good and in balance, AND I stay creative.

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