Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Inspired By...Paper

> I think print designers are paper-lovers by nature. I can't tell you how many sheets of handmade papers, scrapbook paper, stationery, and other paper items I've bought...but I can't bring myself to use them, because then I won't HAVE them anymore (What's that saying about having your cake and eating it too...)
> One of the blogs I follow—All Things Paper—is a really great resource that shares all kinds of projects that are made with paper. And while there are great examples of things you'd expect like stationery, art, and invitations, there's also a lot you wouldn't expect too—like huge retail store displays, jewelry, clothing, ornaments and decor—I'm constantly amazed.
> Seeing the things that artists are creating with paper makes me love it even more. It inspires me to try something new, like quilling (sample above—no, I didn't do it. Artist Yulia Brodskaya did. Isn't it gorgeous??) I'll have to go out and buy some paper! (you didn't think I'd use what I already have, did you?)


  1. Thanks for the kind words about my blog, Maralee. I hope you will give quilling a try!

  2. You're so welcome Ann! I really do love your blog :-) I have been in awe os beautiful quilling for a long time, I will definitely try it sometime!