Monday, October 17, 2011

Very New, and Revitalized Old Type

> Ask anyone I've been with in an antique shop...I'm obsessed with wood block printer's type. Even though I don't even have space to properly display my current collection, I can't pass it up when I find it! In fact, when I realized how much I had spent on my collection, the practical side of me banned the impulsive side of me from even getting on ebay anymore (turns out when you "win" an auction, it just means that you are the one who was willing to pay the most $ for something). You see, I could easily justify my purchases with the fact that once it's gone, it's gone! It's not like anyone's making new wood block type. Duh! 
> Well, my justification/excuse (call it what you will) is now gone! Someone IS making new woodblock fonts! Revitalizing old fonts, creating entire sets, in multiple sizes, and making them available for purchase. I still love the discolored letters that were used for years, but it makes me feel less desperate knowing that there will be more, when my practical side loses out to the ebay winner in me.

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